This page will constantly evolve. Watch for information about cases, mounts, switch interfaces, alternative access devices and other accessories that facilitate access.

Please be sure to visit the settings on your mobile device to look for built-in accessibility features. These include: zoom, contrast adjustments, text-to-speech, screen reader (VoiceOver on the iOS devices), and, when apps permit, close captioning and voice control.

Luis Perez is an Inclusive Learning Evangelist who advocates for the rights of people with disabilities to have equal access to information and all ofrights of a digital economy. Luis produces a fantastic YouTube Channel filled with how-to videos regarding iOS accessibility.

The following incredible effort to organize information about third-party accessibility tools is created by Dan Herlihy of Connective Technology Solutions. This handout describes methods and tools for creating switch access on various iPad models as well as for an Android device while guiding procedures for success. Way to go Dan for this comprehensive and insightful resource!

Followers of this wiki will greatly benefit from a visit to Dan's website: