Recommendations for Apps that Support Students to Analyze

Alice in Wonderland - Lite
Atomic Antelope
The app contains the abridged version and original versions of the story. It is a great way for students to find out the differences between the two versions, the advantages and disadvantages of reading abridged or original version of a story; what they will miss from the abridged versions, and what they might not need from the original version. The students can discuss what they prefer, and under what situations would they read which version of a story.
Cloud Outliner Lite
Denys Yevenko
This application works as a fantastic outlining tool that would be a great help to any student! Through a simple drag and drop action, students are able to create a space for their thoughts, ideas, and tasks- and keep them in a concise, organized application.
Behavior LLC
This app allows users to track frequency of events over time. Users can track up to four events at once and measure counts across seconds, minutes, and hours. This might be helpful for students to analyze how quickly they can complete timed assessments, to take note of how often they say “um” or “ah” in a timed speech, or track their progress on math and other time-sensitive assessments.
MorrisCooke and Constructivist Toolkit LLC
This app allows the teacher and students to record on-screen anything: drawings, annotations, pictures, images, shapes, websites etc. You can resize and move all objects. You can put together a slide of the work you create by hitting the record button. You can also record audio along with the images on the screen. This type of app could be used to model best practices with editing or revision or giving feedback on a piece of writing. The paper could be uploaded and annotations could be placed where appropriate throughout the paper.
French Gender (Free)
Erasmos Inc
This app teachers French language learners patterns that will help them to identify and distinguish masculine and feminine nouns by looking at the ending. The app first provides students with the rules and the exceptions. Masculine nouns are in blue and read by a man. Feminine nouns are in pink and read by a woman. To quiz themselves, students must select masculine or feminine for a given noun or word ending. When students make a mistake, the error is explained.

The free version of this app provides access to only some of the patterns. The paid app provides access to all.

Action verbs: Infer, Classify, Analyze, Deconstruct, Categorize
E-String Technologies Inc

Version 1.5.4
Helps brainstorm, visually organize ideas. Sort, organize, group, and order accordingly to explore ideas. This application allows students to visually organize and outline content, and recognize important elements and relationships. You can share your ideas with everyone involved.

Great app for students who need help with their organizing and executive functioning skills and for all students who work on complex, long-term projects, no matter what the subject. Brainstorm by putting ideas on cards. Cards can then be organized and categorized and shared.
Paul Pilone
This application is perfect for students who want to be better organized. It can work across all classroom subjects. Students can plan for the entire year, keep track of grades for every assignment as well as email classmates with assignments and compare each others’ notes. Students will hopefully develop better organizing and structuring skills.
Inspiration Maps
Inspiration Software, Inc.
This is an easy to use graphic organizer app. Great use for flow charts, mind maps, flowcharts, and organizing complex projects. Many templates make using this tool fun for students.

Allows students to freely brainstorm ideas, customize maps to organize thoughts and information, helps students see the relaitonship between two parties, elements, and/or topics. This application displays the relationship between parts and shows students how to organie ideas according to their needs/purpose.
Learn French with 7 Jours sur la planète - Lite
This app pushes French students into the real world. While the app is designed for advanced students, it still provides students with significant scaffolding. The “lite” version provides students with a weekly video news report and transcript (presented in split screen) and a list of key vocabulary. In addition to the video and transcript, the app provides various vocabulary games focusing on aural and reading comprehension. These games also have the option of being multiplayer. The video news report and pre-made transcript allow the teacher time to create extension activities allowing students to outline content, deduce cultural norms, and compare and contrast with American news reports.

Action verbs: Infer, deduce, outline, compare, contrast.
Marble Math
Artgig, LLC
This app has students solve a variety of math problems by moving a marble through a maze to correct answers while gaining points and avoiding obstacles
Mind Mash
Numlock Business Solutions Co.
Version 1.3
Mind Mash is an app for organizing, brainstorming and note taking. Students can add text and photos, as well as draw freely. Once students have completed their notes, they can be easily uploaded to any social media site for sharing. This app is great for outlining, organizing and structuring notes.
MindMeister is an excellent app for making connections and organizing thoughts. MindMeister has the great advantage of being able to send and receive idea maps from other users. MindMeisters allows students to summarize diverse topics, make map-like connections between ideas and color-code different themes and ideas.
IdeasOnCanvas GmbH
Mindnode is an app that is a great tool for making connections between different topics. Working from a central topic, students can connect subtopics and group them into different branches to create a map that succinctly summarizes a complex idea in visual terms.
Musee du Louvre
Musee du Louvre
This app brings to life 100 Louvre pieces of art. The user is able to look at paintings up close and analyze paintings in a way in which they would only be able to do if they were there in person. This application would be very useful in terms of an art history course. By having so many famous pieces at your fingertips to compare and contrast with each other.
Rodrigo Neri
A great app to help students organize their homework based on the due dates. It also allows students to prioritize their time by being able to see their daily class schedules, homework due dates, and other commitments. With the calendar, it shows what is due on a certain date, and the classes on that date. For “Homework”, it will show what’s completed, what’s upcoming, and what’s late. A good first step to help students organize.
Prezi Inc.
This app is a great one for almost any level of thinking. It could be used for students to put terms or vocabulary, created to represent two sides of an argument, or to display a story map. In terms of analyzing, it could be used to have students analyze something in a text. For example, they could analyze a theme, a particular literary term, and the growth of a character throughout the course of a novel. It allows you to put text, images and sounds into the presentation, which is great for all students. It is creative, engaging and differentiated because the student decides the direction their Prezi will go in.
Quick Graph: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator
Alex Restrepo
This app allows you to type in equations and see what the graph would look like. You can then move the graph around to see the equation change.
Replay Note
Myungjong Lee
Version 1.2.7
Replay Notes allows students to record their writing and comments. This is a good tool for sharing points of view on a narrative. The screencast can be saved and shared with the class, which promotes critical thinking skills and class discussion.
Survey Master
Nick Coleman, LLC
Survey Master is a simple, easy to use survey application that allows students to create their own surveys to collect information. There is a variety of options for student creativity and innovation and question possibilities range from yes/no, multiple choice, and open answer answers. Students are then able to export their work to each other or the teacher.
Speak It!
John Stefanopolous at Future Apps
An app primarily for assisting low-literacy readers, it can also function as an editing strategy for writers. Students can upload their assessments and app will read essays back to the student to help him listen for fluency issues, misspellings, holes in his argument or storyline, etc. Reduces students’ anxiety over having another person read their personal work and allows students to edit independently and connect personally with their writing. Available in multiple languages.
Visual Math Level 1
Weily Apps
This app makes use of pictures to have students answer a variety of questions related to math concepts