Recommendations for Apps that Support Students to Apply

ABC – Magnetic Alphabet HD
Dot Next
Version 2.6.8
ABC Magnetic Alphabet is the technologically advanced version of the old fashion magnetic board for learning to spell and apply spelling patterns and rules to new words. This is a great app for children at the beginning stages of spelling, as well as language learners who are just starting to acquire English language phonetic knowledge. Students can also work together and edit each others work.
Advanced Grammar in Use Tests
Cambridge University Press
This is an excellent app for applying grammatical skills for students up through high school. The app includes hundreds of multiple-choice questions that are based on completing sentences with the proper grammatical phrases. The app features over 30 levels, with the highest levels providing challenging grammar practice, even for adults.
Ana Lomba's French for Kids: The Red Hen (Bilingual French-English story)
Ana Lomba Early Langauges, LLC.
Using this app, students can hear a native speaker read “The Red Hen” is French. The story is illustrated as well. There are no activities associated with the story, so the teacher would have to create comprehension and other extension activities. Such activities could raise the app to the Analyzing, Evaluating, or Creating stages of Bloom’s taxonomy, depending on the activity. If the focus is on strict comprehension, then the app tests understanding.

Action verbs: Recognize, Summarize, Paraphrase, Interpret, Identify
Best Before Media Ltd.
This app is a voice-recording app. It allows you to record your voice over an image that is available or uploaded. This could be a great way to get students to apply their understanding of an important character or historical figure. You could have two students record an interview done with that important figure and then have them upload images to coincide with the interview.
McGraw-Hill School
An app to help learners sort words into the same category e.g. synonyms, rhyming words etc. with instant feedback for correct choices. Users can choose levels and categories to work with. The “Honors” level, however, does not seen to be working.

Cash Register
Andrew Smith
This app lets you create a receipt for items on a grocery list. You can take the price of other items in other countries currency.
Plasc LLC
Great app to create photo comics. Students can design, illustrate and present collaborative projects in photo book format. Students can post photos and drawings and then add speech bubbles and text in comic form.
Drawing Box
Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon

Version 1.7
Students can use their knowledge in an artistic form. This application will help visual learners apply information and experiment with different ways he or she can display information in an artistic manner.
Drawing Pad
Darren Murtha Design
This is an art based application that would be ideal for allowing students the independent thinking and creativity to create their own illustrations. It could be used for a number of classroom activities such as illustrating a scene in a book, reflecting and expressing their image of themselves, or simply reflecting on class assignment. This application could also be used for a student with special needs, perhaps by allowing for them to draw a picture while the rest of the class is reflecting in written form.
Evernote Peek
(Version 2.2.2)
This is very interesting learning app that can be used with a physical iPad cover or a virtual one that comes with the app. Once you choose a topic, you peek under the cover to get a first clue. If you need to see the answer, you lift the cover. You cover and repeat.

Application: High school students could use this app to study, practice, or review different subjects.
Everyday Mathematics ® Subtraction Top-It ™
McGraw-Hill School Education
This app gives students the opportunity to practice their subtraction skills in a partnered game
Grasshopper - I Like Planes
Innovative Investments
A wonderful group of apps for lower grade level reading. Each page is a sentence. The user can choose to read by him/herself, or to be read to. The learner can actually read along with the option of “Read to me”. The learner can use this to check on his/her pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. The Grasshopper group of reading apps has topics geared toward the interests of boys and girls. On the cover of each book, there is a button for settings. The colors and pictures are very pleasing.
MadPad: Remix Your LIfe
Smule Inc.
This is a very cool app that could be applied to any number of the higher order thinking levels. The app allows you to take a string of images that is connected to certain sounds. It allows you to change the pitch of sounds and create your own sounds as well. This would be great to use in music class because students could apply their understanding of sounds and pitch by modifying the string to suit different themes.
Mathemagics- Mental Math Tricks
Blue Lightning Labs
This app gives instruction on many mental math tricks and provides opportunities to practice the mental math trick
Musée du Louvre
Musée du Louvre
This application provides students with a tour through the Louvre museum from the comfort of their own classroom. With this application, students are able to simulate a gallery tour, with stops to admire a Vermeer or a Van Gogh, complete with a map of the artworks location, video descriptions, numerous photos, and a written history of the piece.
Ginger Labs
Using this application, students can use their information to execute class notes. This application integrates pdf annotation, typing and recording data in their own unique way. Students can then share their notes with one another. It is a great way for students to keep organized without having to rely on various papers and textbooks.
Princesses Learn French
early languages llc
The free version of this app provides access to a bilingual Snow White story. When reading the story, students hear the audio and see the text. The narrative is in English, while the dialogue is in French, making this app a possible alternative for learners with anxiety about reading in the target language. After listening/reading the story, students can play vocabulary games (memory, bingo, and sticker) listen to and sing songs using the target vocabulary. Just for fun, kids can color in a picture and hear the colors in French. This activity could be extended to have kids follow specific instructions for coloring in French.

The paid version of the app provides access to additional stories.

Action verbs: Play, draw
QuickVoice Recorder
nFinity Inc.
App allows students to take audio notes on plans for projects and assessments. Equally useful in interview projects so students can ensure direct quotes. Students can store multiple labeled notes within app for reference. “Visual voice mail” feature allows students to replay precise moments in their memos for quick retrieval. Extremely user-friendly and 5MB of memory (to assist students with longer projects)

Application: High school students attending a foreign language class could use this app as part of a speaking or pronunciation exercise. This app could be especially helpful for those students who are shy or feel too anxious to speak in a classroom environment.
Sentence Builder
Mobile Education Tools
This app is very appropriate for younger children who are just beginning to write. The user is provided with an image and several words. The student is then prompted to create a simple sentence out of the words based on the image. This is a great way to apply newly learned language skills.
Slice it! Begins
Com2u2 Inc.

Version 1.8.1
Students have the opportunity to practice math skills and apply math knowledge with this application. This application challenges students in areas such as geometry, area, fractions, and percentages.
Students are activating prior knowledge on these subjects to explain and discuss the reasoning behind their answers. Students must provide evidence and rationale for their answers. Small groups of students can discuss, or you can discuss as a class. This also reinforces math terminology.
Stories 2 Learn
Version 3
Originally designed for children with Autism, this app allows teachers and parents to create personalized stories using text, photos and audio messages. This can be used to promote literacy as well as social skills. Students can present stories to the class in order to enhance their presentations skills.
Escape Plan B LLC
App that allows students to select a literary genre and piece together a story with pre-loaded characters, character traits, quests, and reasons based on that genre. Helps students see and apply various elements of specific literary genres. Would be even more beneficial if all parts of the story were labeled (i.e. character, traits, quest, etc.). Also has a zoom x2 feature for visual impairments.
Top It: Addition
McGraw-Hill School
This app is a game that works on addition skills for a range of numbers. This game can be from one player to two players.
USA Factbook and Quiz
ADS Software Group, Inc.
This is an interactive app that allows the student access to maps, and important U.S. documents (such as the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, U.S. Constitution etc. . .), and basic information about the states and presidents. After the student has explored all the different tabs, they can demonstrate their knowledge in the quiz portion of the app.
Visual Math 1
Weily Apps
This App lets your compare and contrast different object mathematically.