Recommendations for Apps that Support Students to Create

Animation Creator HD
This app seems to be a more sophisticated version of Toontasic. It allows you to draw and create images on your own, along with managing frames and eventually putting together a video that you can export to the iPhoto Library. There are many tools available for you to create with: brush, pen, spray etc. I might use this app and Toontastic with a whole section of students. They allow you to differentiate based on technology level and motivation of the student.
Easy to use app for students to create short three minute audio podcasts. They can be tagged with pictures and titles and broadcasted via twitter and facebook. Great tool for students to do short speeches. Great fun alternative to lengthy written assignment.
Book Creator for iPad
Dan Amos
Version 2.3
This app provides a quick and easy way for students to create their own ebooks. Book Creator allows students the freedom and flexibility to choose formats, add pictures and assemble content and text. This app is great for planning and designing skills and fostering creativity.
Combine Math LiteCombine Math (full version)
This app has students create an expression using four given numbers and four given expressions to hit a given target number
Doodlecast Pro
zinc Roe Inc.
Another app that allows students to tell a story or explain a concept. Using this app, students can record their own voice narration of an image or a series of images. This app could substitute for in-person PowerPoint presentations. It could be useful in all building presentation skills since students will be able to hear themselves.

The app can also be used to create cartoons and other picture books since it allows users to draw original pictures, as well as uploading photos. In a creative writing class, students could you this app to create an audio and text storybook.

Action verbs: Produce, Originate, Invent, Imagine
Educreations, Inc.
A highly intuitive and artist-friendly paint app that allows users to add photos from their iPad library or DropBox and text to their creations. User can also record audio to enhance the visuals within their presentations or even develop stories/descriptions to accompany images. With the “add page” feature, users can create lessons or storybooks projects.
Faces iMake
iMagine machine LLC
This app provides a safe step to tap into one’s creativity. The goal is to use everyday objects to create a face, and these everyday objects are sorted into 10+ categories. With 2 fingers, the selected object can be made smaller or larger or be rotated. One can also use pictures in one’s library to create faces. There is also a gallery with pre-saved faces for one to borrow. One can select a background color, and add words to the face. The icons are quite self-explanatory, and there is even an YouTube quick tutorial. This is a good first step towards trying more challenging and complex.
Frog dissection
Emantras Inc.
This is a great website containing all the information one might want to know about frogs. There are videos, animations, diagrams, and cool interactive activities. The major feature is the frog dissection. A great dissection activity without the blood and all the gore!
Apple Inc.

Version 1.3
A collection of instruments at your finger tips. Students can edit their music, create their own songs, create music with friends, share their creations, and record their performance. Students can design their own music to go along with their powerpoint presentations. Students can explore and create music for videos or create a mixtape of their own to showcase.
This application allows students and teachers, the opportunity to create presentations for classroom use. The user can use slideshows, powerpoint, animations etc. . .This application helps bring textbook ideas to life by allowing the user the creativity to present the information in a new and stimulating way.
iMovie is an applications that students can use to create movie presentations for class. This can be used for a report presentation, creative storytelling, or any other number of assignments. Students can then easily export their movie to youtube, facebook, vimeo, and CNN iStudent to then easily share with the class.
Students can create powerpoint like files but with more creativity, music, and options. Students can insert music, and customize their own font and layout. Projects and presentations will come to life with this application. Instead of creating a typical PowerPoint presentation, students can design music videos, use videos to present their topic, sound effects allows students to synthesize movie like presentations, students can write their own lyrics and compose music, sing their presentation, and generate music relevant to their topic.
i Tell a Story
Nicoleta Simona Mihoc
This app allows users to create their own audio storybook. The app allows students to record their own voices (and those of others) and to import sounds directly from the app (such as animal sounds, car engines, magic wand, etc). Students can also import music and other sounds from iTunes. For visuals, students can add pictures to their story from the Photo library. The app comes preloaded with some sounds, but not with pictures. This app could be useful in a foreign language environment.
Fotobabble, Inc
Fotobabble is an app for bringing pictures to life by adding sound and text. Students can record your voice and add visual effects before sharing photos with classmates and friends. The end result is that students have constructed their own photo stories.
Number Line
Todd Bowden
This App allows you to create a number line given certain values as decimals, fractions and percent’s.
(Version: 1.5.1)
AssistiveWare B.V.
This app allows you to easily create a story by incorporating images and sounds. It offers several sound features (Text-to-speech, recording, choosing a computer voice or your own, etc.), as well as an option to add labels to each image.

Application: High school students could use this app to create a multimedia project in a foreign language about a lesson topic (e.g. physical descriptions, personal interests, etc.) or a theme of their interest. They could also use the app in other subject areas.
ICDL Foundation
For students who like to do a little more than just read a story, this IPHONE app allows the user to take a favorite story and make it into a digital version and add voice to the story. Students can also create a story. Students decide on color, pictures, and text for their stories, so it gives students the sense that they are creating something. For those who are intimidated by technology, this app is not overwhelming, and students can use this to build their own library.
Story Patch
Haywoodsoft, LLC
Story Patch is a story telling application for students that allows them to use their own creativity and style to express themselves and a story from their own minds. This application could easily be used in an English Language Classroom as a supplement to a creative writing or poetry workshop.
Screen Chomp
TechSmith Corporation
Users can use this application to draw on maps, doodle notes, pictures and ideas on documents. Although the concept is simple, there are many different ways in which these resources can be utilized. Users can record audio instructions, sketch out ideas, post creations to Facebook. It is multi-use and allows for creativity, and the ability to develop design and planning skills.
Launchpad Toys
This app allows students to make a short story (very short) using either predetermined scenes and allows students to create their own scenes. This is a great alternative for students who are reluctant to draw or create. It is engaging and not as frustrating as pen to paper drawing can be. It also allows to students to apply their understanding of the parts of plot for a short story by creating someone new.

This is a fun app that allows you to create cartoon stories through drawings and animations. It also contains a library of stories from other countries that can be viewed and shared.

Application: Although this app may seem too childish for high school students, I think many teenagers would enjoy it. Students attending a foreign language class could use this app to create a story that they would present to the rest of their peers in the target language.
Virtual Manipulatives!
This app lets you create visual values using blocks. The blocks can be created with decimals, fractions and percent’s.
GreenGar Studios
Uniquely handy for collaborative visual projects or creating storyboards, this app allows users to create pictures or diagrams together over WiFi, 3G, or Bluetooth. Students can not only work together but build and edit together using this easy-to-use app. Layout is similar to Paint feature on most PC computers and has wide variety of color, width, and opacity options. Can save projects directly to the app, post them on Facebook, upload to an online gallery (with Whiteboard login credentials) and edit the project with the Aviary app.
Writer Lists
Thinkamingo Inc.
This app is really useful for people with writer’s block. If the user is really struggling to think of details for his or her story, this app allows him or her to scroll through some massive and comprehensive lists for everything from the right word to an idea for a character name. Filling in these small details provokes further confidence and inspiration for students.
Writing Prompts
DictionaryOf.Com, Inc.
Writing Prompts is a great app because it contains hundreds of opportunities for creative inspiration. The app creates prompts by combining various scenes, sketches, or words. Taking these prompts as a baseline, the user then is allowed to write any sort of piece that he or she wants. This is useful for providing a push to students who may need it in order to create. It also forces students to acknowledge limits and be creative within certain parameters.