Recommendations for Apps that Support Students to Evaluate

SP Controls Inc
This app allows the student to analyze their own presentations. The user can edit a presentation, take notes. This application brings together sites such as Youtube and Facebook to incorporate into a project. It is also a great resource for teachers who want to show their work or share the work of their students with the whole class.
Dropbox, Inc.
While this app is primarily designed to help with executive functioning, it could be a key scaffold for students working in groups. For example, when students are working in groups to prepare a debate, they could use this app to exchange opposing viewpoints and compare research sources.

Action verbs: Collaborate, support, conference, compare, moderate, debate, evaluate, verify, appraise, give your opinion
Fusion Projects, Inc.
Edmondo is an application that can be used on a variety of different devices by both teachers and students to help them connect, share materials, assignments, send notes, and submit work and grades. With this application students are never far from the classroom!

This application allows students to submit assignments, post replied, participate in both asynchronous and sychronous discussions, and receive updates. Students can correct other students’ inaccurate information, provide constructive criticism to peers, and judge techniques used in other students’ work.

Teachers can monitor progress, grade assignments, and post critical thinking questions for students to answer. There could also be on going discussions about hot topics or controversial subjets.
Everyday Mathematics
Divisibility Dash
McGraw-Hill School Education Group
This app is a game that gives you possible digits to great two digit numbers to make divisible factors of a given number.
Everyday Mathematics ® Equivalent Fractions ™
McGraw-Hill School Education
This app gives students the opportunity to compare fractions by finding pairs of equivalent fractions
Good Docs- Google Docs & HTML Editor
Resolvica, Inc
Good Docs creates a space where you can keep and organize all of your materials. Specifically, it enables the simple use of google docs from an IPad so that students can share and collaborate on projects and assignments. One different aspect of this particular application is that students are able to draw and write handwritten notes over the documents and images, allowing for the student to let his/her creativity shine!
Google, Inc.
Great communication tool offering a private platform for classrooms to collaborate, communicate, network, and comment on each other’s work. Perfect for group work outside of the classroom.

This app serves as an online portal to make connections, keep updates with contacts, and also as a tool to share photos and chat.

Application: High school students could use this app as part of an online classroom debate project that involved several phases (e.g. pre-debate team discussions, debate, post-debate conclusions).
Haiku Deck
Giant Thinkwell
This app is a presentation app. This app allows students to create visually appealing presentations with graphics, photos text and vivid colors. While students could use this to create a presentation, it can also be used to present an argument or evaluate the validity of a statement or opinion. Another great use is listed in iTunes as a visual resume. This idea seems interesting if you were to ask students to evaluate their possible success in a given field. Their assessment could be a visual resume given the context of that future profession. They could evaluate what skills or knowledge they bring to the position as a way of advocating for their selection.

This application is an easy way to create and edit presentations and lessons in class. It can be used alongside the user’s own Instagram, Facebook or personal picture library which they can post into a slideshow using the application. Students could use it to tell a story, give a report, illustrate ideas or illustrate a blog post.
iAnnotate PDF
Branchfire LLC
App that allows students to store and view PDFs (uploaded from Dropbox, email, iTunes, and other applications) with commentary tools and features, including highlight, free draw (to facilitate symbols, drawing circles and arrows, etc.). Enhances and emphasizes students’ critical thinking abilities while reading for comprehension. Students can become active readers with this app and will likely contribute more to class discussions on text. Added bonus: promotes “green” incentives.
Michael Foster
Version 1.01
InDecision provides a great tool for students when they are faced with making decisions, big or small. This app is good for teaching simple decision making skills by using “pros and cons” lists, weighing importance of those pros and cons, and automatic transfer into easily interpreted bar graphs. It is also useful for collaborative group discussion on decision- making.

Students create a pros and cons list to their dilemma or to a question in class. Then the application will give you a percentage of how much is pro and how much is con. Students can use this application to help them decide on political questions or critical thinking questions related to history. I.E Is it a good idea to legalize [insert drug]? Should the United States have atomically bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII?

Students would be required to check their facts before creating the pros and cons list. After creating the list, students can compare and contrast the good versus the bad. Students would have to check the accuracy and reliability of their supporting details, and critique/support their decision.
Maths Plus
Urban Design
This app give word problems and arithmetic problems that need to be answered in 15 seconds. Questions range from numerical answers to true or false.

This app improves students mental math by skills and problem solving abilities through the use of a timed game that can be played individually, with partners, or in groups
Matthias Funk
This app provides students with a space to map out ideas and concepts they come across in class as well as their own. Students could use this app as an easy way to sort, connect, and contrast ideas and key concepts from a reading or other type of presentation. It could also be used as a planning tool when students are creating a product.

Action verbs: Rank, discuss, justify, collaborate, appraise, defend, debate, prioritize
Ginger Labs, Inc.
Notability essentially takes the note-taking process and elevates it to a higher order of thinking. With Notability, a student supplements his notes and PDF files with his own annotations and audio-recorded comments and evaluations. Notability allows the students to make the note-taking process more fluid: not only can students review their notes, but they also add and record any additional reflections they have on the material.
Skype Communications S.a.r.l
Skype is a great tool to connect with students all over the world. Perfect in a science class to communicate with real life scientists on marine or arctic expeditions, for example. Brings real life projects into the classroom.

Application: High school students could use this app to communicate and collaborate with students overseas as part of an exchange program.
T. Kyle Tomson – Mobile Education Tools
This is a very good app to help students to begin building a story by answering prompt questions. It helps them to see how sentences can connect together to build continuity of an event. This also reinforces students to answer questions and write in complete sentences. Selection of level, and prompts is available.
Super Note
Clear Sky App Ltd
A very helpful app for taking notes at a lecture or meeting. And since the app allows note-taking through voice recording, this would be especially helpful for special need students, or students who can not type as fast as the speaker. This app also train students in deciding how to organize the notes; whether by date or category. And afterwards, students can evaluate and determine what notes to keep and what to delete; and whether to download the notes or email them.
Survey Boy
Nishant Modi
Version 1.6
The Survey Boy app is a survey app that provides students with pre-made questions and answers, or allows them to create their own. Once the survey is complete, the data is converted into charts and easily transferable to Excel or email. This app is great for checking data, hypothesizing and experimenting.
Survey Pro
(Version 2.0)
This app allows you to create customizable questionnaires for survey and research purposes. Surveys can be exported as CVS files, and I assume that their results can be presented in different graphical forms (i.e. chart pies, bar graphs, etc.)

Application: As part of a survey project, high school students could use this app to collect data from their peers, friends or family members and then present the project results in class, or write a report.
VoiceThread is a dynamic app that allows the user to post and send pictures, texts, videos, and so on. Users attach their own drawings and voice comments. Ideally, those receiving the postings respond in such a way as to start a conversation. Students can critique articles and comment on photos and videos, all while engaging in healthy debate with other users.