Recommendations for Apps that Support Students to Remember

A+ flashcard helper
Canzhi Yeh
Great to create your own flashcards in whatever topic you are studying and study on the go! Great for all subjects.
College World History 101
Crush That Test, LLC
This application serves as a simple memorization tool utilizing flashcards (question on one side, answer on the other) that are organized by historical time period and containing approximately fifty to eighty flashcards per set.
Convert Units Free HD
Think Drone
This app lets your convert from one math unit to another relating math unit for multiple mathematical platforms i.e. Angles, Area, Length and Mass
Jeff Holliday Software
This app is a flash card app that helps students master basic vocabulary or content terms. This app already connects to a database of topics for flashcards in almost any subject. For example, there is a set of flashcards for short story literary terms like mood, tone etc. One can use these predetermined cards or make their own and download them to the Flashcardlet app. Students can study cards in different sessions and can check a card to say they know it, or star a card to keep it in the current study session.
Free French Essentials
Renkara Media Group, Inc.
The free version of this app comes loaded with 156 words, grouped into categories. Flashcards present the English and French text as well as images and audio.

Action verbs: Match, Classify, Identify, Name
GeoPedia P
JPY Consulting Ltd
This application combines Wikipedia with a world map. Students can choose a city on the map and pin it. Once the city is pinned, the student is linked to the Wikipedia entry for the city. It will help the student identify the city on a map and research key facts on the city. It is a one-stop resource for student research.
gFlash+Flashcards & Tests
gWhiz, LLC

Version 22.2
Helps the student recall information, recite facts and/or ideas, list facts and/or details. The student can customize the flashcards with relevant information and information from class that he or she needs to learn/rememnber
In Class, Inc
This note taking, assignment reminding, class schedule keeping app seems very useful for students with organization issues. It keeps all notes for all classes together, and would make it easy for a student to find notes from a previous day and add to or modify them. Within the notes section, you can take a picture or reference a previously taken picture. With this feature, students who have issues with drawing diagrams, graphs or step-by-step procedures could take a picture of the classroom board or model and save it to their notes. It also provides reminders of assignments that are due. This feature is helpful for students who are not checking their assignment notebook regularly, or “forget” that something is due.
Intro to Geography- North America
Montessorium, LLC
This application helps students learn and remember the countries of North America through puzzles, challenges, and drawing exercised.

This application reinforces where countries go on the world map by having the student drag shapes of countries to where they belong on the map. By having the same countries repeated, they force to students to recall where on the map they think that country belongs. It provides a ‘road map’ so the students have an idea, visually, how they are progressing. Building information as they go allows memorization skills to be honed.
(Version 2.3.2)
Sonico GmbH
This app lets you search for translations into different language combinations (e.g. English into Spanish, Spanish into English, etc.) It also has a pronunciation feature for both the source and target language term, as well as a voice recognition option that allows the user to record pronunciation.

Application: High school students could use this app in the classroom or at home as part of a homework assignment.
Math Bingo For Kids
A fun math game for elementary school kids. Kids can practice the 4 basic operations on three different levels. Can be used to reinforce basic math facts in a fun non-stressful way.
Math Blaster Hyperblast
Knowledge adventure
Great math app for kids who love videogames. Makes studying the basics fun! Offers different levels for the four basic operations.
Math Bubbles
This app helps to increase basic math facts fluency by having students pop bubbles containing the answers to displayed math questions
Math Drills Lite
Math Drills (full version)
Instant Interactive
This app gives students the opportunity to learn and practice their basic math facts. The app also shows students a variety of ways to visualize the math problem
Mental Case Classroom Edition
The Mental Factory
Version 4.5
This is a “flashcard app on steroids.” It uses multimedia such as photos and audio that correspond to flashcard vocabulary to help students remember new words. Students can work independently or in groups to test their recollection abilities with new vocabulary words.
Mind Mapping
xpt Software & Consulting B.V

Version 1.6.1
This app helps the student brainstorm by creating webs. Student can collect information and organize thoughts structurally. Brainstorming and creating webs helps visual learners connect ideas and see the relationships between X and Y.
(Version 2.0)
Merriam-Webster, Inc.
This is the Merriam-Webster English dictionary version for the iPad. It offers the same features as the Merriam-Webster dictionary online version (i.e. term definitions, origin, pronunciation, usage examples, etc.) as well as one called Daily where “the word of the day” is presented. Searches can be done by either inputting the term using the iPad keyboard or by using the Voice Search feature, which allows the user to say the term. This is specially interesting and helpful for students who may have trouble with spelling.

Application: High school students could use this app either in the classroom or at home as a reference source when working on English writing assignments.
Rhyming Words
Innovative Investments Limited
This app asks students to match images of rhyming words. Ideally, the app would come preloaded with the target language since customizing the lists will be time consuming.

Action verbs: Match, Classify, List, Compare, Recognize, Name
Allows user and an admin (teacher, parent, specialist, etc.) to create and edit schedules to facilitate organization and remind students of tasks and responsibilities. Student creates schedule with class names and adds “tasks,” or assignments, to that class. Users can then share their schedules with other Scheduler users. Multiple users or multiple schedules are another option to facilitate organization and memory. App would benefit from a reminder alarm and “task complete” mode to indicate students’ progress.
Sight Words
Innovative Mobile Apps Ltd.
A tool that can strengthen decoding skills. It provides word lists of different grade levels and is good for both general students and ELLs. The learner can use it to improve pronunciation, recognition of words, or word spelling. Instant friendly feedback on errors made.
Voice Reminders for iPad
Faisal Faruqi
Allows user to create voice reminders on calendar. Ideal for audio learners who can remember things spoken better than things said. N.B.: app does not have auto-rotate feature so only view is portrait mode.
This app can help beginning learners in recognizing and remembering words, matching sound with letter, and matching sound with word. There are 5 levels and only 2 types of games. It is a little bit limited, but a helpful app to begin.
Word Cub Letter and Sounds
Learning Cubed LLC
Version 1
Word Cub makes phonics fun! This app uses the letter blocks that we all used as children, and brings them to life digitally. The letters spin, talk and teach to keep students engaged and interested. It’s great for children, or for older students with limited phonetic awareness skills.