Stage5.jpgStage Five - Advanced Concepts and Communication

The majority of the learner’s academic growth occurs at Stage Five. She expands her skills from learning simple mathematical concepts to solving more complex problems. She grows from basic spelling skills to full and fluent literacy. This type of academic journey takes time. The development of full academic functioning begins now and continues through the rest of the learner’s life.A Stage Five learner should be working on Stage Seven writing skills at the same time that she is working on complementary reading skills. She will be reading and writing simple sentences at first. As skills progress, she will be expected to incorporate vocabulary words and other content-related words, as various subjects of study become part of her curriculum.

A Stage Five Learner ....

  • demonstrates sophisticated control of the access device
  • can articulate frustrations with the interaction process, when necessary
  • understands complex spoken sentences
  • recognizes target vocabulary words
  • can spell target words
  • understands the words he/she reads
  • understands basic number concepts
  • can perform simple mathematical operations
  • develops mathematical vocabulary
  • demonstrates problem-solving skills (planning and organization, drawing conclusions)
  • is able to analyze steps needed to accomplish a task
  • uses manipulatives appropriately

Features to Consider

  • reflects local and national curriculum standards and traditional approaches to academic content
  • content areas of such as reading, mathematics, science, social studies and geography
  • choices in ways to interact with content and options for activities
  • options such as enlarged or spoken text
  • intuitive interface that facilitates learner independence


3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool
Invitrogen Corporation
View a 3D image of a cell and its structures. Learner can rotate the cell and zoom in to view cell structures more closely. Learner can select structures to learn more about them. Learner can also create his/her own stained cell.
ABA Sight Words
Data gathering/Accessible: Displays sight words and within the context of sentence. Overall time and accuracy displayed in percentage are part of reports. What is seen is spoken, highlighted.

ABC Phonics Rhyming Words Lite - For Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade

Abitalk Incorporated

By matching rhyming words, this game helps children recognize common word patterns, and understand how the initial consonant, middle vowel and ending consonant affect pronunciation.
ABC Order
Allows the learner to focus on letter names, sounds, upper and lower case letters. App also allows user a "free play" area for exploration.
AppTutor G1A-Grade 1 Addition
PadStar Publishing, Inc.
Learn and practice addition through tutorials. Teaches math vocabulary. This app collects data on the learner.
Benkyou Math Grade 1

Quizcor Technology

This app has activities for counting, counting by fives and tens, addition, subtraction, and reading analog time. Each activity has a practice and test mode that provides feedback results when completed.
McGraw-Hill School Education
Single or multi-player, match rhymes, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, homophones and adjectives. Positive reinforcement and unlimited tries.
Bob’s Books
Bob Books Publications
$3.99 per book
This app builds upon phonics skills. It starts with the students touching the picture. It then brings them to a screen with letter tiles where they match the letters to the words. The next level requires them to match them sequentially. It then moves to putting them in order without tiles to match to. The next level gives extra letters as distractors. Stories are repetitive and build slowly to reinforce words. Although it focuses on a phonics based approach the repetition supports sight word learners as well. No record keeping.
BrainPOP Feature Movie
Brain Pop
Data gathering Allows users to play video on demand, test knowledge and explore related materials
Catch the Cow
Computerade Products
This app teaches scanning and selection skills. You can do direct selection (tapping on iPad directly) or switch selection. There is a slide to release option for those students with physical impairments that require sliding their finger (or hand) on the ipad. It registers where the release occurred. There is a setting to control scan interval, difficulty level (number of rows and columns). It goes to a 1 x 2 display to a 4 x 4 display. The display can also be changed so there is no space between boxes up to about a ¼ inch in between boxes (therefore mimicking the display of some AAC devices). Scanning is built in to the app but selection occurs either direct or by a switch.
ChooseIt! Literacy
Inclusive Technologies
literacy app that includes listening skills, initial blends sounds and letters, high frequency words, alphabet, and every day words. Results saved in camera roll. Requires iOS 4.3 or later
Accessibility: touch, single or two switch scanning.
ChooseIt Science
Inclusive Technology
Activities map directly to Foundation Stage Knowledge and Understanding of the World and National Curriculum Key Stages 1 and 2. With over 160 activities and 3,000 pages. Switch Accessible.
Crack the Books
Pines to Vines
Seashores to Sea Floors
Mobile Education Store, LLC
$9.99 each
Not switch accessible, but full of UDL and other accessibility features. These interactive science books are aligned to the grade 2-6 Common Core Standards and the NGSS. Reading levels can be adjusted for each chapter (Level 1-5) corresponding to grade 1-8 readers. Lesson Plans, study guides, and supplemental materials are available online. Teacher resources are incredible, complete with lesson plans, activities, worksheets, study guides, academic standards and test templates. In-app tests are customizable, test results are emailed to teacher. In the app, students have access to images, videos, comprehension tests, and an interactive glossary. If you’re looking for science curriculum - this can’t be missed.
Claro PDF
Claro Software Limited
Skills/Content: This App requires the user to demonstrate sophisticated control of their access device, as well as show the ability to analyze steps needed to accomplish a task. This App is a PDF reader that allows the user to have the text read aloud. As well, users are able edit the text by adding text boxes, drawing tools, and the ability to insert images. This App will also pick up fields that can be added in Adobe. Users can add audio notes.
Curriculum Connection: Users are able to access PDF materials across all standards. Users are also able to complete worksheets in all areas of the standards
Evidence: The evidence can be collected by users answers to work completed on the app.
Endless Reader
Originator, Inc

Using interactive letters, students learn sight words, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
Everyday Mathematics Name that number
McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Practice computation and order of operations. It consists of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Frog Dissection
Virtual Frog Dissection using tools. Follow the direction as you dissect the frog. Tap on the organs to learn about them and see them close up; rotate them 180-360 degrees. Audio and visual prompting including written and aural directions. Has quizzes, videos, learn about the frog lifecycle.
Fun Brain Jr
Pearson Education
This app contains six activities focusing on basic math vocabulary larger and the beginnings of estimation, beginning letter sound, patterns and letter and number recognition through activities. The only option is to turn sound on and off. Children earn stars for correct answers and a bling sound to recognize an incorrect selection. Data could be collected through observation.
Fun Science Lab
Zonkey Interactive
Welcome to the Fun Science Lab, a magical place for kids to play, experiment, and learn about science!The Lab is a toy factory filled with interactive experiments and games. Use heat to glide a hot air balloon past
TinyBop Inc
This is a nice app for learning the human body, there are customizable options and the student profile can be saved. There are options for language, having vocabulary present, matching vocabulary to anatomical parts and the path in which it stimulates the body. This is an interactive sensory application that allows students to take closer look at body parts in detail and as the whole system. When students interact with the human body they pick, the body reacts in different ways. It gives you an overview of the major organs and provides a zoomed in versions that gives more information. It provides the vocabulary and learning opportunities to practice to match it to the part.
[[|Hungry Math Fish: Kids Math Game]]
Fast Hatch Apps
This is a very fun and interactive way to practice addition and subtraction skills. As the learner progresses through the skills, more fish are unlocked to keep the user engaged.
I Like Books
Grasshopper Apps
This one app contains 37 spectacular picture books that can be customized to be read by the learner or read to the learner. Learner touches words they cannot sight read or decode and it is highlighted and read to them. Although the app does not keep data, data can be kept manually on number of words learner is able to read independently or amount of time on reading task.
iReading – The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg
Dam Chen
Asks user to follow along with story. The App gives the options of reading the story by yourself or having it read to you. You can move through the pages manually or automatically. You can also press on the characters to hear them make sound effects.
Mobile Education Store LLC
Make a sentence about a scene using learned vocabulary and grammar. Gives hints for sentences. Records sentence to keep for data and check progress.
Teaching word and image associations
Teaches and reinforces letter/number construction & spelling. Fun and rewarding images & sound effects.
Jungle Fractions (for iPad)
Andrew Short
This is an interactively engaging, child-friendly, and educational app to learn about fraction ID and fraction applications. The app provides multisensory cues and also tracks progress through multiple levels of difficulty!
Jungle Time
Andrew Short
Jungle time is a fun app that tracks the users progress while they learn to tell time.
v 1.2
Inspiration Software
- continues to build on learners writing independence
- continues to build of learners use of creativity
- highly customizable
Kids Writing Pad Lite
Pronunciation Apps
Kids Writing Pad is a basic large lined writing pad useful for practicing numbers and letters to make sure you draw them appropriately. It has a middle dotted line between two solid lines like most primary school paper so you can practice having the appropriate parts of the letters or numbers in the right areas.
LAZ Reading Library (A – I)
Reading A-Z
6.99 for library of each level; some free, some.99 for each individual book
Books are available at all reading levels. User can choose an independent level and read with independence.
Math Bingo Games
June Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.
Math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) presented in a fun way. 3-difficulty level. Collects data. Rewards correct plays with racing using the iPad accerlerometer
Math operations in a multiple choice or fill in the blank quiz format. Setting options allows variability in what operations are addressed and how many are addressed at a time. The number of problems in a quiz can be set from 10 to 250. Problem layout can set as either horizontal or vertical. The number range can also be customized according to ability level. Quiz sessions can be timed or un-timed and a record of the users time and accuracy level is kept. Multiple users can be maintained. Users have access to a virtual chalkboard where they can work out problems. There is also a problem solver, which provides step-by-step instruction to solve the problem. Incorrect answers are marked in red.
Math Drills Lite
Instant Interactive
Math Drills Lite allows the user to complete math problems involving certain functions (+, -, x, ÷) or a mix of all the functions. There are onscreen guides which aid the user in coming up with the answer such as number lines, blocks, and hints.
This app requires fairly good fine motor control, as the on screen number selection areas are small.
Math Monsters
Collection of data feature with scoring system that adds time for accuracy. Drag and drop answers to addition and subtraction problems.
Milly and Molly and the Bike Ride
Kiwa Media
$.99 for each book in the series
A series of books with a wide range of features. Stories will read aloud. Users can click to hear individual words. Users can illustrate themselves or use published pages. Users can record themselves reading. Font sizes are adjustable. Stories can be read in 5 languages.
MiniMod Compound Words

E. Skills Learning, LLC

This app helps the student build mastery in the important language art of recognizing and forming compound words. Compound words are two small words joined together to form a whole new word. This app will help students improve word recognition skills. It has been carefully aligned with the new Core Curriculum. Students can play in either practice mode or game mode. The game mode is a bingo-like game. Students will read a short sentence, then practice their understanding of Verbs. Each program offers 4 levels. From eSkills Learning
Mini Mysteries
Attainment Company
High interest easy to read mysteries with comprehension questions/features scanning via 1 or two switches, adjustable narration settings (text style, highlighting options, highlighting color) also offers sound settings for reading, data collection for comprehension questions (percentage correct, ability to view errors in detail) for two users (in-app purchase to make unlimited users)

My Country (version 1.0)
This app offers a variety of activities to teach users about our country, the 50 states, and national symbols and holidays. The app has several levels-read the story, interactive story, tell the story, and show what you know so it can be customized for the level of the user. It is also switch accessible.
Reinforces early learning; reading & writing skills. Includes 75 sight words, 12 word families, 65 word family words. Includes word puzzles, spell to match image, seek/find, memory match. Offers multi-sensory feedback.
Name That Number
McGraw Hill
App asks user to perform mathematical operations operations to make the number shown. The more operations you use the higher your score.
Number Fun
Practice for all math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Bright graphics. Can set level of difficulty. The Stage 5 learner can work on computation skills using an online calculator.
This app has built in speech and use of the voice over setting in the iPad for those with visual impairments. An amazing app that allows the student to create picture and text stories, use voice over, and share their story with others via Pictello’s cloud-based server.
Pizza Fractions: Beginning with Simple Fractions
Brian West
Simple app that reinforces learning of fractions related to functional activity of dividing pizza into pieces. Choose the correct fraction based on a picture of a pizza. Wrong answer selections are greyed out and user guesses again. Answers receive reinforcements. Shake to get to next question, or can be customized to push a button. 3 different levels. Round results provide data for time elapsed, incorrect guesses, and an overall score based on these factors.
Basic math facts practice in colorful interface
Pre-K Letters and Numbers Pro for Teachers
Bright Start
Learn to write letters and numbers by tracing them. Data is collected in the paid version.
Promptoo Ltd
Content/Skills: In this app, users are given access to a variety of plays. You look up the play under the author’s name. The library hosts a good variety of plays. Once you choose a play you download it. Once downloaded you displays the play line by line. Any lines can be read aloud as well as have notes added to the side. Each character in the play can have settings changed for their text. You can enlarge the text, choose the font, and change the color of it. It only does this for the specific character.
Curriculum Connection: The app can be used for the ELA standards under drama.
Evidence: Teacher/Worker can gather evidence by observing the students ability to participate efficiently in the play.
Puzzle Spelling Words for Toddlers, Autism & Special Needs
Touch Autism
Designed by a BCBA (board certified behavior analyst) Puzzle Spelling Words is not only a powerful educational tool, but also provides hours of fun!
Reading Pal- Learn to Read
Seventh Sense LLC
Learn letter sounds and vocabulary words through visual and auditory feedback. Provides a test to asses spelling and sound retention and includes reinforcement for correct responses. Can take pre-made test or create your own. Customizations include ordering of material in alphabetical or random.
I Can Do Apps
This app collects its own data and was developed by a speech pathologist to assist users in learning how to select rhyming words. There are four levels for the user to progress from.
Rhyme-N-Time-Rhyming Words With Jane and Blayne (Version 1.2)
Levott LLC
This app allows the user to develop the skill of rhyming. The user must find words that rhyme and words that do not rhyme in a game format. The app provides a status screen to track how the user is performing. It shows how many questions were answered correctly on the first, second, and third tries. The user has to answer a specific number of questions correctly before he or she can move on to the next level. The user is given auditory feedback when he or she gets the answer correct and is given encouragement when he or she answers a question incorrectly.
Rhyming Words
User must match rhyming pictures. The app speaks the word when the picture is pressed and the user must drag the rhyming picture into a box.
RJ Cooper
Switch interface
Data Collection
• letter matching
• spelling words
Sentence Builder
Mobile Education Store LLC
Teaches students how to build grammatically correct sentences.
Data and statistics are recorded for sentences and correct attempts as well as individualized student profiles including: answer reinforcement, answer animations, audio instructions, and age-appropriate models.
Sentence Key: Who is Doing What
Data collection. Switch access. Create 4 word sentences by choosing words/pictures. Color-coded.
Sentence Maker (Version 2.1)
Innovative Investments Limited
Sentence Maker presents the user with several words jumbled onto the screen and a model for how the words should be arranged to form a sentence. The user is tasked with dragging the words into the correct order. There is a good deal of customization, including custom sentences, sounds, fonts, and toggling on and off of various levels of prompting (visual, verbal, sentence hints, etc.).
Data collection is not featured and must be taken outside the app.
Sight Words
300 Dolch list sight words, read and spell sight words. If correct, words can be marked off. Cute letters with sounds and music reinforcers.
Sight Words by Little Speller (Version 2.0)
Innovative Investments Limited
Sight Words helps learners recognize words by sight while reinforcing spelling concepts. It uses the Dolch list, a list of 220 very common English words, to give the user a strong base for reading. The user is asked to drag letters to boxes in order to form the word, which is displayed on the screen. Hint and prompt levels can be adjusted, and custom words can be added.Data collection is not featured and must be taken outside the app.
Show Me Math
Switch interface
Data Collection
• link computation with actual objects
• a variety of ways to enter answers
• easily customizable
• instructional and quiz mode
RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc.
Errorless learning works on identification, spelling, and word recognition. Customizability includes keyboard options, font, word list selection, user list, and reinforcement characters. Collects data. Interactive and engaging. Accessible.
Spelling Bug
Power Math Apps
See, Listen and Spell, 50 most common sight words
By ProjectOneLA
Assist children in beginning spelling and reading. There are a preprogrammed 60 words or you can customize your own list. You can add your own photos and voice
Quizzes come preloaded but can also be individually created and customized. The app maintains data on multiple users. Words lists are based on Dolch graded lists. Access is by single taps and swipes. Words can be read by a single tap on the word and are human voice recordings of a child. The study part of the app offers the user a visual of the word, pronunciation of the words and then reads a sentence using the word. Words can be copied using a virtual whiteboard. Whiteboard does not provide feedback of proper spelling. If the sentence does not provide enough context support the definition button can be accessed for a specific definition. Definitions do not have text to speech support. Quizzes can be presented in the same sequence as the study quiz or randomized. The user is required to use an onscreen keyboard to input answers. Immediate feedback is provided through a visual of a green checkmark or red X. A record of words attempted and percentage correct is stored in the user file.
Hump Software
This is a spelling app with 50 words. It separates activities by 3 letter words 4 letter words and then by a mixture of both. Each word has a colorful picture and is shown with the correct spelling then scrambled for the user to drag back into the correct order. The letters will only stick to their correct location and the word will be heard again once it is spelt correctly. You can also separately press each letter separately to hear each letter sound. There is then a matching game to match the words that were just practiced in the spelling activities. This tool would be excellent to learn and reinforce the early developing literacy skills. Data could be taken by taking screenshots within the app, through video or observation.
Splashtop Whiteboard

Splashtop Inc.
General Access: Desktop sharing and annotation app allows users to access any program that the desktop has access to. Freeze frame screen at any time to annotate, save and share with class. Evidence gathering through saving of annotated materials.
Splash Math
Study Pad, Inc
Creative math app with 16 chapters covering 200 math skills and an endless supply of problems. Fun and reinforcing graphics and sounds. Self paced math practice program aligned to common core, explanation for wrong answers, scratchpad for rough work, motivational rewards and games for correct answers, monitor progress with real-time progress dashboard, Progress synced across multiple devices. Addition, subtraction, measurement, time, data activities, and math facts. Can add multiple students. Data collection built in with total time, problems answered, and accuracy. Displays strengths and weaknesses, for example, needs improvement in 2 topics. Also displays graph of data that you can screenshot or subscribe to receive weekly emails.
Mobile education store LLC
Student given a picture and a prompt to speak and record what is going on in the picture.
Train Tracker

Inclusive Technology Ltd.

This app focuses on development and perception as users build a rail system which will then be utilized by an animated train.
This app allows users to work on turn taking skills with the use of two switches. The snap shot feature allows users to capture the image of their train system and share it with others.
Data can be collected by an observer or video.
Voice Dream Reader
Voice Dream LLC
This is a text-to-speech reading tool that allows you to access PDFs, Docs from the Drive, Bookshare materials, Gutenberg books, text in Evernote, Dropbox documents, etc. There are many customizable features such as font sizes, colors, tracking, voices, voice rates, other languages, and visual layouts. This is a great tool for individuals with physical disabilities, dyslexia, vision impairments, etc. An educator might collect data by giving the student reading comprehension questions after they are finished reading information through this app.
Umemoto Non
Reads any text imported through Dropbox or Evernote using text-to-speech. Multiple literary texts included.
Word World: Build a Word
Word World: Build a Word Lite
WordWorld LLC
Based on the PBS show Word World. Shake the screen and the letters of the names of the characters mix up. Slide the letter onto the word and the character comes to life. Lite version has only “Dog”. Regular version has more characters.