Stage1.jpgStage One: Cause and Effect

In Stage One, the learner begins to use an appropriate input device to control the computer and establishes a reliable access behavior. She realizes that pressing a switch or pressing on the touch interface for the device can make something happen on the screen. This reliable access behavior is the first step in the learning process.

A Stage One learner...

  • is just beginning to or is consistently focused visually on a target
  • is just beginning to or is consistently listening to a prompt
  • explores the access device with purposeful interaction
  • moves from multiple, random access attempts toward device mastery
  • consistently uses the control site muscle in response to prompts for behavior

Features to Consider

  • age appropriate graphics, sounds, multimedia effects
  • prompts: auditory, visual, multi-sensory
  • accessibility settings


Baby Butterfly – my first colors
Kids Place
Provides instant feedback on the screen wherever the user touches, the butterfly flies to that spot.
Baby Laugh Soundboard
ARE apps limited
Press the play button to make the baby laugh. It has absolutely adorable and hilarious baby laughs at different volumes and intensities. To activate the laugh by touch on the iPad screen, however, the button is very small. Good for switch activation.
Baby Rattle Toy
Selena Soft Inc
Allows the user to touch the screen to make objects appear.
Using finger touches and swipes on the screen, the child can blow up a balloon, turn it into an animal, and pop it. The colors, graphics, sound, and action are exciting. Great for the learner who needs to develop better visual attention and the concept for cause & effect.
By Normalware
Touch the Robot to make it move and make sound. Music synthesizer with unique touch control. Students learn they have control of program.
Big Bang Patterns
Inclusive Technology
A simple cause and effect app for students with complex disabilities and visual impairments. This app is one and two switch accessible. Using their switch or the touch interface student can animate visually stimulating patterns and colors on the screen.
Bongos- Dynamic Bongo Drums
Skunk Brothers GmbH
Cause and effect musical app provides auditory and visual feedback with a large screen and a variety of different instruments for different sounds.
Hog Bay Software
Pop bubbles with pleasing sounds can touch, hit or drag with finger or any part of body. Multisensory feedback
Buzz Back Cause and Effect with Vibrations and Sound
Touch Autism
Cause and effect. You have to use an iPhone. When the screen is touched the phone vibrates. There is no in app data collection but this can be done on paper by whomever is observing.
Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box
Using taps, presses, sweeping or controlled movements the learner can create different scenes with high quality audio and abstract visuals. This app is switch accessible. Version 2.0 includes: force single touch, switch support, sound activated switch, Bluetooth switch, and tap anywhere switch.
Supported controllers:
SimplyWorks for iPad
RJ Cooper iPad switches
Ablenet Blue2
Cicadia PageFlip
Therapy Box Switchbox
Eye Contact Toy Box
Fizzbrain, LLC
Collects data regarding the number and length of eye contact demonstrated.
Finger Paint with Sounds
Inclusive Technology
Explore touch with color, sounds or music. An opportunity to finger paint without the mess! Finger Paint with Sounds offers a fun alternative to help children with special needs and others to practice their first interactions with a touch screen. Simply choose a color and draw with music, fun sound effects or no sound at all. Using one finger touch or multi-touch feature, students experience interactions with a touch screen. Use with auditory feedback (music and sounds) or none. Work can be saved to photos. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Apps for Hunger, Inc.
Photograph of fire truck presented along with 4 targets in each corner. App makes 4 different sounds depending on which corner touched.
Furry Friend
Free, but there are 6 in-app pur-chases for $.99
Children can pop Leonard’s bubbles and his balloon by touching them. Leonard imitates children’s vocalizations, giving immediate feedback when a child vocalizes.
Hand Drums
Cody Rotwein
Two drums are on the screen. A simple tap activates the drum momentarily, to continue play the user is required to tap and release. There are 19 different types of drums that can be programmed. Settings also allow activation by shaking the iPad. Drum animations can be turned on/off depending upon visual needs of user. This is primarily a music app so there is no data collection however there is a record option which would allow playback to determine the pattern of taps.
Heat Sense
v 1.8
Graham Dennis
-cause and effect
- colors change base of users movement
- variety of effects.
Hippi 1
Leripa AB
Cause and effect activities for switch use designed to create an interest for activity on the screen, practice attention and also train the use of an iPad. Includes more than 300 images. For younger and older disabled learners.
Sensory Apps LTD
Visually stimulating cause/effect app that is fully switch accessible. Two people could collect data by counting how many times the student hits the screen/switch.
Peeping Musicians
Inclusive Technology
The app has cartoon style characters peeking in from the sides of the screen. The child taps the picture and the character plays music. The 20 characters vary from a trombone marching band player, to an astronaut, to a girl who is playing guitar, to a skeleton and more. The music is also equally variable. Data can be collected through observation.
Rad Sounds
R J Cooper
RadSounds is a switch-accessible cause and effect app with multiple settings for what sounds play upon activation. Users can touch the screen and hear sounds/music for a preset amount of time, or have the sounds/music play as long as the user is touching the screen.
There are preset songs from RJ Cooper, you can record sounds/music and import them into your iTunes to use, or you can use current iTunes music on your device.
Sensory Electra
Sensory Ltd.
Skills/Content: This app is engaging with both visual and auditory feedback. The target skills are focusing on a visual target, explores the access device with purposeful interaction, and moves from multiple, random access attempts toward device mastery.
Curriculum Connection: The skills the user is developing allows users to select choices with purpose. Having to determine choice falls under the verbs identify and distinguish between in the Common Core Standards.

Evidence: On this App evidence can be gathered by having an observer taking data on the student moving from random access to purposeful movement.
Inclusive Technology Limited
A simple cause effect story about a multi-sensory room. It contains 5 videos each around 5 seconds long of a student exploring a sensory room using a switch to activate different activities. This is a nice application for children who are currently at Stage 1. There is no language needed to participate in the game and it is easy for both teachers and students to use. There is a video model from the character on screen accessing her own switch as well. There are accessibility options within the app to use one bluetooth switch. Double tap in the corner is displayed at first to inform how to exit the app is hidden so students are not able to exit the app on their own. There are 5 access attempts that activate five 5-second videos that stop.
Sensory- Speak Up
Sensory Apps LTD.
This app is a cause and effect app using a student’s voice. Students can choose from 8 different shapes/patterns to create including: stars, bullseye pattern, rectangles, triangles, bars. Shapes/patterns are created in multiple colors or in a solid color (9 different choices as set in settings). The background can also be customized to a choice of 9 different colors. Microphone sensitivity is also adjustable. This will allow students with soft voices to be picked up or you can set it to be less sensitive to encourage and teach speaking in a louder voice.
Sensory Splodge 1
Sensory Apps Ltd
Each touch creates a paint effects, manipulates fish, butterflies or balloons with sound effects/ can change backgrounds, it is switch accessible via bluetooth switch box
Sights and Sounds: Flowers
Graphics, animation, and sound when the student presses a single switch. Cause and effect app. App is switch accessible but does not collect data.
Smart Tot Rattle - Cause And Effect Sensory Stimulation
Moxi Mobile
Move animated objects around on a bold background screen. Objects bounce off each other and change after time. Pleasant sounds and stimulating vibrations and be tuned on and off. Users focus can be observed.
Smarty Pants
Inclusive Technology.Ltd
1 or 2 switch accessible. Errorless learning of emotions. Press an emotion and the animated face acts out the feeling.
Sound Touch Lite Baby-Flashcards
Simple yet engaging cause and effect. 6 categories including animals, wild animals, wild birds, vehicles, instruments, and household. Tap on picture, picture pops open paired with sound it makes. Tap screen again it disappears.
Switch Kids
Marblesoft, LLC
Switch Kids teaches simple cause and effect and is switch accessible. Up to four external switches can be used to activate the activities. Switch Kids contains three activities, Funny Sounds and Faces, Bubble Gum and Build-A-Kid. A scoreboard tracks the child's progress and collects data. Can be used in Stages 1, 2, and 3.
Talking Teddy Bear
Talking Toys SL
Cause and effect teddy bear. Touch him and he will talk, laugh, play a guitar or dance.