Stage6.jpgStage Six - Functional Learning

A Stage Six learner applies academic concepts to real world situations. In this Stage, the learner is aware of and wants to be involved in the world around her. She begins to apply his knowledge to allow her to become more independent. The focus changes from academics to applied knowledge and functional learning skills, commonly referred to as activities of daily living (ADL). This is indeed a thrilling Stage for the learner. Academics and social skills come together in a pragmatic way for the learner at this time. The learner’s needs and goals will continue to dictate the focus and content of education. For example, some learners may not achieve the skills needed for reading for enjoyment. However, they may acquire the ability to read for safety, which is an important skill for community independence. In this way, Stage Six is an academic detour from Stage Five, still offering an educational content but in a more applied way.

A Stage Six Learner ....

  • shows an interest in the community and personal independence
  • can apply mathematical concepts to real world situations
  • can recognize common symbols, such as safety signs
  • knows how to dress appropriately
  • shows responsibility for tasks throughout the day

Features to Consider

  • applied real world skills
  • practical and connect with an authentic experience
  • graphics present objects realistically, as in photographs, rather than in representational drawings
  • make the connection between the representation and the real world object
  • incorporate video modeling
  • practice a skill in real world context
  • see interactive real life examples of desired behavior


App Toy-Cash Register
Sakar International, Inc.
Work on budgeting skills by purchasing grocery items and using the cash register to calculate the amount . Cute pics and fun colors
Choiceworks- Visual Support System
Bee Visual LLC
Choiceworks is a scheduling app useful for guiding a learner through a repetitive process. The user can create custom boards that consist of an arbitrary number of rows with pictures of activities. The user slides the activities from the "First I need to" column to the "All done" column, triggering a verbal announcement of the title of the activity and the words "all done". Custom activities can be created with custom pictures and recordings. Teaches students how to complete daily routines, understand & control feelings, and improve waiting skills. Provides consistent and clear feedback to foster independence, behavior regulation, and emotional understanding at home and in the community.
3 different boards: schedules, waiting and feelings which include 165 images plus option to record/add own pictures and audio, allows for multiple users, sharing and printing of boards
*This app does not directly collect data. However, a caregiver or parent would be able to collect outside data on correct selection and/or completion of schedules.
Coin Math
Recession apps
and free lite version
Wide range of money activities from simple coin ID to more complex concepts
Community Signs and Words
The Conover Company
Designed to teach and reinforce common signs and words found in the community for independent living. Contains videos and customizable assignments.
Attainment’s Community Success
Attainment Company
Free (or *39.99)
App helps students prepare for community outings. Information presented through video modeling, photo based instruction, talking stories, and vivid illustrations of social behavior with comprehension quiz at the end of the stories. Unlimited student users – individual settings (switch settings) and information stored in student files for easy access. *Free version with in-App Purchase. Requires iOS 4.3 or higher. Scanning capable using one or two switches. This program is also available in Win/Mac software: Community Success Software
Computers at Work
Attainment Company
It offers use with multiple users. The settings are similar to those in other attainments products. In the settings you can add users, set difficulty levels, limit sessions, provide error feedback, disable unused fields, show results, speech and sound effects. It also allows a teacher password and the ability to turn data tracking off and on.

There are two components. The first component is data entry. An adult voice is used to provide feedback. The screen is similar to a computerized customer database. Positive feedback is given on every other entry. When an error is made a pop-up box appears to indicate it is an invalid entry. This mirrors a typical database function. The order processing an order number is entered and you are required to check the order and inventory against an order card. The levels move up to a point where you are required to enter all the information into the “computer” from a card on the same screen.

Data report is created upon exit which can be printed. It provides a score, the date, time, total time and number of problems. The bottom of the report provides details for each “card” entered.
Conover Company Visual Models series
The Conover Company
Typically $0.99 each
The Conover Company has produced several video modeling apps including "Hygiene HD", "Nouns 2 HD" and "Entertainment in the Community HD". Each app contains a series of videos familiarizing the user with a word or task. Complex tasks are divided up into segments allowing the user to replay a portion of portion of the video, or decide to go forward or backwards in the task. Videos cover vocabulary or practical life skills.
Count Money – Coin Matching
Grasshopper Apps
The real life images used for identifying and counting coins.
Counting Money
King’s Apps
Counting Money + is presented as game, but its function is to teach money skills. Users tap visual representations of coins to total the same as a number shown above. Teaches counting to a set total with coins. Customizable features with report card feature to capture data. Add coins to reach a set total. User can select practice mode or take a quiz. Can modify the number of questions, difficulty, and the timer. Report card provided during quiz mode. Coin values are not shown.
Cover Girl HD
Dress up, put on makeup, change clothing and accessories on your own Cover Girl. Put your Cover Girl on the front of a magazine and share through email, photos, and Facebook.
Dollars & Cents
Free or $40 for upgrade
Single or two switch scanning. Counting money, making change, spending money games. Focus on learning about money with realistic photos that are appropriate across ages/ app is switch accessible, offers speech supports, has teacher management system and data collection capabilities for two users (in-app purchase to make unlimited users). Upgrade collects data. The program uses realistic pictures and encourages the learning of functional money skills. It allows for single and two-switch scanning and speech supports. Uses age neutral content so it could be used for younger children and adults. You can even choose between U. S. and Canadian currency. The educator will also be able to use a management system within the app and collect data on the users.
Everyday Social Skills HD
The Conover Company
Addresses basic social skills needed for everyday activities within the community. Activities include walking down the street, using a restroom, waiting in line, asking for directions, asking for information and joining in a group. Can be individualized based on users needs.
First Then Visual Schedule
Good Karma Apps
For individuals who benefit from a visual and structured schedule and environment.
Going Places
Model Me Kids
Video models of community, social, ADL skills of places people may go, what to expect. Photo slide-shows of children modeling appropriate behaviors.
Hygiene (FSS)
The Conover Company
Provides visual (as well as optional auditory) step-by-step directions on how to take a bath or shower, floss and brush your teeth, use deodorant, wash your face and hands, and control germs. Data could be kept by caregiver tracking student’s progress in hygiene tasks.
Initiating Social Skills - Workplace
The Conover Company
One of three apps that cover social skills in the workplace. This app covers skills such as greeting other, introducing self, asking for help, giving directions, and others. It contains 8 categories with total of 59 videos which model specific social skills and target behaviors. Videos are narrated.
Jungle time
Andrew Short
Tutorials for beginners, multilingual,

3 clock styles: Standard, Learning (with hours and minutes), and Classic (with Roman numerals)Clock hands move like a real clock, double-clock math problems (iPad), Learn with 12 or 24 hour clock notation, Score tracks progress, multi-User support, Show history of problems.
Life Skills Sampler
The Conover Co.
Videos modeling real life environments and tasks that might be unfamiliar to the learner, such as the airport. Offers videos for simpler topics, such as one for apples. Helpful for life skills learning.
K12 Money
K12 Inc
Users have five ways to practice money skills: counting money, show me the money, making change, matching amounts, and show values. The app uses pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and 1, 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills.
LookTel Money Reader
Mobile assistant to verify money and to ensure you are getting the right amount of change back.
[[../|MakeChange- Money Counting Math Game for the iPad]]
Steven Romej
This app allows the user a fun and interactive way to practice counting change and addition problems with money. The app shows the many different coins, and allows the user to flip the coin around, learning to recognize both the front and the back.
Manners HD
The Conover Company
Video modeling for social situations throughout the community. Can take pictures of learner in the community to record data and progress. Also has video model for other functional activities such as personal, money, safety, shopping, etc.
Model Me Going Places 2
Model Me Kids, LLC
A visual modeling app that allows students to preview potentially challenging environments, such as getting a haircut. Each situation has a slideshow with text and voice over. One limitation is that there are only 6 situations, but again, this is a free app. Perfect for a Stage 6 learner who is interested in community skill building.
Money Words HD
The Conover Company
This app addresses functional money skills in some of the following areas: ATM, Admission, Allowance, Balance, Bank, Budget, Bus Fare, Buy, Cash, Change, Check, Checking Account, Count Your Change, Credit, Credit Card, Debit Card, Deposit, Late Fee, Paycheck, Receipt, etc. A video model is done for the topic you select to assist with understanding the concept. The videos are short with updated materials. A baseline can be taken without using the video, and data can be collected on progress of how often the individual needs to watch the video or progress after watching the video.
Next Dollar Up
Limited Cue, LLC.
This is a fun and interactive app that teaches users how to manage money in the real world. User is prompted by an audio cashier with visual cue (item price) and visual manipulatives ($1, $5, $10, $20, $50 bills) to purchase an item by rounding up to the next highest dollar! This app also provides positive reinforcement for correct answers (10 correct answers to win the a game) and a correction procedure that allows the user to correct her/himself to get the correct answer with visual modeling.
Primary Tablet
v 5.0
Dwayne Short
- skill building a functional task
-highly customizable
- built in supports adjust to needs of the learner
BookShare app for members to open, read and annotate books.
Scene & Heard
Therapy Box Limited

Visual scene display and communication tool. Create multimedia scenes and displays for a wide range of learners. Use this one or two switch accessible app to create task prompting, reminding and task demonstration that can be created and played back on the iDevice.
SentenceBuilder™ for iPad
Mobile Education Tools
WINNER - 2010 IEAR Language Arts App of the Year!!!
SentenceBuilder™ is designed to help elementary aged children learn how to build grammatically correct sentences. Explicit attention is paid to the connector words that make up over 80% of the english language. Sentence Builder offers a rich and fun environment for improving the grammar of all children.
- Simple and intuitive interface to build sentences
- 100 distinct pictures to build sentences around
- 3 Levels of play
- 60 encouragement animations and audio clips
- Optional correct sentence audio re-enforcement
- Option correct sentence encouragement animation
- Statistics to track students progress
- Each student has their own stats page
- Two teenager modules available with 50 images each
Sentence Match Chores: WHO is Doing WHAT
Computerade Products
This app is great for teaching chores and focusing on daily living skills. Students match a picture of a chore to its corresponding sentence. Sentences can be displayed as words, PCS symbols or both at 3 different difficulty levels. An animation along with a speech feedback gives positive reinforcement for correct matches. This app is switch accessible, but must be apple blue tooth capable.
Sequencing Tasks: Life Skills – Bundle #1
Judy Lynn Software, Inc
Skills/Content – This app supports users in showing an interest in personal independence. This app gives video models of a variety of life skills with step-by-step audio descriptions. It then reviews the concept with still pictures from the video. Lastly, it requires the user to sequence the steps. This app includes the following life skill activities: brushing your teeth, scooping ice cream, sweeping the floor and eating a banana, buying a soda, riding in a car, and stapling papers.
Curriculum Connection: The content in this app connects with the health standards. Also, with math standards in terms of sequencing of events.
Evidence: The app collects evidence as the user plays and then you have to clear for a new user. The evidence is called statistics and it includes date, time, number of incorrect placements, and activity the users played.
Shopping list organizer. You can set the store, date, payment information and additional notes. Add items to a list and the app will sort them for you when shaken. You can email or message your list. The list can be populated from previous lists and from a favorites list. Gives statistics of shopping patterns as well.
Shopping List
Target Works
User generates a grocery list using a combination of pictures, illustrations and text labels. It comes with a starter library however photos can be imported from your own library. The library is categorized according to departments of the grocery store. Access is through a single tap. The selected item is transferred to the list on the left and automatically put in a category heading. The list can then be used at the store. A single tap to the item on the list checks it as bought and moves it to the bottom of the list.
When adding your own photos you have the ability to add a label and category. The app does not provided text to speech support however Voiceover can be used in the lists page.
Social Skill Builder
Quality Learning Tools
Free (w/in-app purchases)
Presents each user with many social situations in school or in the community. Shows video of the situation, asks questions about it-either modeling “correct” or “incorrect” interactions; has reinforcers.
Social Success
Attainment Company
Primarily for adolescents and adults this app encourages social interaction at school, work and in the community. Offering 50 different skills each consisting of five activities, this app encourages independence and social interaction.
The settings allow for modifications including narration and a choice for the number of activities. This app is switch accessible.
The intro tab provides a written description of the skill being focused on, this can be read aloud to the user. The steps tab will be displayed sequentially through the use of video. The self-talk tab offers advice on the skill being focused on. A brief movie is provided for video modeling and the problem solving tab presents situations that encourage the user to identify a solution to a problem.
Data is collected on the problem solving questions and a report can be accessed through settings tab. Through observation and videos additional data can be documented.
Judy Lynn Software Inc.
This app is nice for age appropriate sorting activities. There is photo representation that help the learner to generalize sorting among many real life objects they will encounter every day. This app has many categories that apply to ADL and work placements. There is also data tracking ability to see how the student is doing and where they need improvement. The student earns stars and provides auditory feed back to the user. This app is not switch accessible and the user needs to have a drag drop ability. Easy and intuitive to use for teacher and student but there are some limitations in the settings and customization.
Tell Time-Little Matchups Game
Telling time matching game with digital clock and analog clock.
Telling Time – Photo Touch Game
User chooses the time asked from an array of three or four. Multiple settings to customize to the user’s skill level.
Telling Time
King’s App
Data collection using standard grading A, B etc. Features include; sound effects, sound can be set on or off, clock animation, adjustable timer and ability to make question sets in groups of ten.
Time Teacher Lite
LearnWeaver Pty Ltd
Nice time teaching tool. User can watch app show you time on analog and digital clock. User can be quizzed on analog to digital and vice-versa. Has a somewhat decent score keeper.
Toca Doctor
Toca Boca
Interactive game that engages learner in a real-life community event and teaches them how the body works. Provides modeling for real life situations and resolutions at the doctor’s. Engaging games put the learner in control of a sometimes fearful event.
Toca Store
Toca Boca AB
Simulation game that allows user to run their own store, interact with customers, choose merchandise and set prices, and use the cash register.
Mobile Learning Services
Each app contains 25 writing templates and organizers that scaffold information in preparation for various types of writing (cause and effect, chapter notes, KWL…). Not switch accessible, however with an iPad 2 and above you can utilize the speak selection feature to access text-to-speech and with an iPad 3 or above you can use the dictation feature to utilize speech-to-text.
Ai Squared
Optical character recognition and text to speech used to read back text captured by device camera