Stage2.jpgStage Two - Language Readiness

In Stage Two, the learner is exposed to deliberately richer language experiences. She learns that objects have names and that actions have words to describe them. The learner is not asked to identify objects, but simply to be a sponge and absorb information about them. This Stage develops receptive language and pre-linguistic skills.

A Stage Two Learner...

  • uses eye gaze and/or utterances to convey communicative intent
  • uses other personal, familiar behavioral cues to convey communicative intent
  • uses body language and/or head orientation to convey recognition of objects
  • attempts to imitate movement and/or meaningful gestures
  • indicates awareness of language through facial expression
  • uses consistent behaviors to interact with the software even though the content is now richer than it was at Stage One

Features to Consider

  • continue type of prompt (auditory, visual or multisensory) proven successful during Stage One
  • brief, repetitive, and consistent prompts
  • random activation of target by using an access device reinforces language content
  • age-appropriate media effects
  • allow customized content by adding digital photos of things that are personally familiar
  • numerous examples with different representations of words or concepts


ABA Flashcards, Fruits and Nuts
50 flashcards of colorful and bright images of various fruits and nuts. If the item is touched, a clearly articulated audio feedback is given of what the item is.
ABA Receptive Identification
Teaches foundational language concepts to early learners with data collection options (total time, total targets show, correct/incorrect answers and percentage, unanswered) and ability to email out results.
Within options, targets can be selected from apathetical listing, reinforcement selection, chime sound, repeating of question, and prompting hierarchies.
ABC Wildlife
Peapod Labs LLC
Animal themed touch and learn activity. Touch each animal to see the name spelled out, read, picture, and video.
Adapted Play Book EIEIO
Creative Communicating
Learners can activate scenes in this engaging and interactive storybook to learn about farm animals and animal sounds. This app is switch accessible: Visual or Auditory Scanning. Two switch scanning. Switch accessible app that encourages attention to and independence with the book; and beginning AAC and switch skills. Requires iOS 3.2 or higher. Collects data. Works with the following switch interfaces: R.J. Cooper’s Bluetooth, AbleNet’s Blue2, and APPlicator (sold by Inclusive Technologies)
Animal Sounds
Tinnientec Inc.
Switch Accessible: Scan to different animals and tap to activate sound of the chosen animal.
Aunty Maggie’s recipe
Inclusive Technology Ltd
Select errorless choices to watch fun graphics.
Color Blender
Build receptive language skills and have increased exposure to nouns, verbs, and attributes, which are provided in this simple app. This application exposes the user to colors and nouns that are that color. Very realistic pictures used throughout.
First Words
Serendipity Apps, Inc
Teaches 1st words and builds vocab. Sound effects & animation. Child touches pictures on animated screen to reveal words with audio feedback.
First Words Deluxe
Learning Touch
Touch the object and see and hear the name of the object. Goes through “things with wheels, animals, in the house, and food.”
Five Little Aliens
Inclusive Technologies
Exposure to numbers from 1-5 through counting song, other activities include seeing & hearing numbers, number line (errorless activities)/ accessible via switch
Web Team Corporation

Skills/Content: The target skills are using body language to convey recognition of objects and imitate meaningful gestures.
Curriculum Connection: Users are learning about different types of fruits that can fall under the health standards. It is also assessing listening skills that fall under the ELA standards.
Evidence: The app takes data by scoring the users on their ability to tap on the correct fruit after hearing an audio prompt. If the student gets the answer wrong, it shows them the correct answer and skips to the next question. The data includes the series number, date played, and the score.
Interactive grill. Light the grill, cook meats and vegetables, serve them. Customize the tablecloth, silverware, and plate you serve your meal on. Share your meal on Twitter, Facebook, or photo album.
Green Apple Color Flashcards
Robert Meier
$ .99
The top slide of the slide show labels the color and object. The center of the slide has an illustration of an object that is the color labeled at the top. The right of the slide has a solid stripe of the color being addressed. The bottom of the slide has the color label repeated in a bold font size. The slide is accessed by a single tap that reads the top label. A tap anywhere in the slide repeats the label. A single swipe advances to the next slide. Setting options provide a choice of having the slide read automatically when the page advances or requiring a single tap to read. Slides can be presented by showing multiple slides of one color before transitioning to a new color or randomizing colors with each slide.
I Hear Ewe
Michael Kamprath
Grid of 24 different animals and 12 vehicles displayed. Learner selection results in telling animal/vehicle name and related sound. Option of selecting English, Spanish, German, Chinese. New I version 1.7.1 support for accessibility.
isongs With Tanvor
Hump Software
This app engages users through the use nursery rhymes. Its focus is on language awareness through the use of sequential processing and memory skills.
This app contains two activities: “Learn to sequence” – Prompts users to choose the images in sequential order allowing for success. Auditory feedback is provided to reward the learner. “Play”- Provides users with a memory game to match images from the nursery rhymes. Data can be collected by an observer, screenshots or video.
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Duck Duck Moose
The app is accessed by a single tap and release or single swipe. A music button allows you to record your voice or have prerecorded singing. It is an errorless explore program. Touching the spider activates singing and page turn. When program has been idle, the spider moves as a visual prompt to interact. Each page has a minimum of 5 interactive items. There are a total of four pages, which loop until exploration is completed. The pages are brightly illustrated but not overly stimulating.
Laureate First Words 1 and 2
Laureate Learning Systems, Inc.
This app is a modeling app to teach 50 of the early nouns in order developmentally. Use at the Training Level for Stage Two. Each noun is represented by two illustrations to help generalize. It is customizable to each user (ie. Switch accessible, scanning, auditory prompts, reinforcers, and amount of words). An unlimited amount of users can be added and have their progress tracked. The teaching portion includes an Optimized Intervention technology, which automatically adjusts the level of instructional support for each individual word. Then after teaching there is a way to assess the user on what they have learned. Data is recorded for each student within the app and data reports are generated from this.
Let’s Hear Animals
v 6.5
Play Engage Learn
labels animals
consistent format
text to picture ID
learner is not required to match information
Milkshake Maker!
Crazy Cats Inc.
FREE with in app purchases
This app allows you to put together the ingredients of a milkshake. This can be used for one step directions, recognize that change and environment can be controlled, associate certain activities with environmental cues, can gain information from pictures, can be used as a turn taking activity, and can help to associate meaning with objects. A screen shot can be taken at the end to document how many components the student added to create a milkshake.
Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton
A familiar book for many kids, the iPad version is so interaction. The text is simple, providing simple language input. Pages are interactive, exposing children to early basic concepts.
More Toast!
Maverick Software LLC
Make toast, sandwiches, cookies, etc. Add toppings and “eat”. Creations can be shared through email or saved to Photos. Points can be earned by completing achievements. User makes meaningful choices.
Music Sound Touch
Brian Pfeil
Cause and effect with exposure to language. When the photograph of the instrument is selected the photograph enlarges, plays the sound and speaks the instrument name.
My First Words-Flashards by Smart Baby Apps
MindValley LLC
Lite version is Free. $0.99 for more content
Vocabulary builder. Vocabulary includes actions, animals, baby things, body, clothing, feelings, food, mommy’s purse, on wheels, shapes, toys. You can also add your own photos maybe for classroom themes and their vocabulary.
My First Words
Flashcards by Alligator Apps
Innovative Mobile Apps Ltd
App offers various categories of flashcards that allows students to see a photograph, text and audio (labels the photo). You can add your own photo, text and audio. Students can touch screen to make next photo appear or photos can be set to a timer. You can choose when you want photos, text and audio to appear. There is also a game mode that would be appropriate for stages 3 & 4.
Peanut Butter
Creative Communicating
Peanut Butter is a switch accessible app is an interactive story for children with disabilities. It allows the user to look in a purposeful manner and gain information from pictures.
Peekaboo HD
Gotclues, Inc
Farm themed language development multi-sensory activity.
Peekaboo Barn
Night and Day Studio
When the user touches the animal – the animal makes the appropriate sound and the animal is labeled. This activity begins to teach single word labels.
Lite version is free; $9.99 for full features
Organize your own digital photos with audio captions that you record. Photos can be linked to multiple pages.
PickPix Tot
Ken Liu and Lisa Tang Liu (Crimson Hammer Software)
Flash card environment provides the opportunity to expose the user to text labels and there corresponding object. It allows you to set the level to 2 sets, 5 sets, or 10 sets. All audio prompts are human voiced. The home page provides 2 options “See Cards” and “Play Game”. In the “See Cards” option one color picture is displayed with a text label underneath it, an audio description identifying the object and its function is automatically played. A single swipe is required to move to the next card. Pictures are clear, vivid and on a plain background. Provides a consistent format of naming objects that can be viewed at the users pace and can be repeated. The “Play Game” option is Stage 3.
Songs for Kids
Reinforces cause and effect, exposes learner to new vocabulary and language. Provides auditory and visual stimulation when learner touches a target on the screen.
Sound Touch Lite
When a drawing of an animal is selected it says what the animal is and shows a photograph of the animal. Along with making that animals sound. This app is switch accessible.
Speak Colors
RWH Technology
Speak Colors exposes children to color words and names of common objects by a simple touch.
Switch Accessible Puzzles
Judy Lynn Software Inc.
This app allows switch users to complete puzzles similar to wooden block puzzles. The user is able to use step scanning or auto scan & scan second interval to complete the puzzles. Direct selection is also an option. This app also collects data that is saved for each session. Within the settings, there is the option to set how close the puzzle piece has to be for it to be considered correct or incorrect.
Tiny Animals
Rachel Eden
Interactive game that provides visual and auditory feedback. Touch the animal and it will show you the name of the animal, say it, and make the sound of the animal. Press the arrow to move onto the next page. Beginner, mid-level, and advanced levels available for varying number of slides. Also available: Tiny food and Tiny vehicles.
Touch and Learn Emotions
Innovative Mobile Apps
Easy to customize and use with the ability to introduce one emotion at a time using real photos. One learns to read body language and to learn emotions.
Touch Words
Special iApps
Switch interface
• touch picture to hear and see the word, in 19 different languages
• can add own picture
• build on skills to matching
Zoo Animals
A simple touch on real photos of animals, and the name of the animal is spoken, followed by a musical flourish. Touch the screen again to get a new page. Good vocabulary builder and has enough action, sound, and color to help with visual attention on the screen.
ZOOLA Animals
Best Kids Apps
Free version offers multiple pictures and audio for male, female, and baby farm and safari animals. The full version provides forest and water animals.